Tree Planting Services in theDallas-Fort Worth Area

We all know that trees are a great way to enhance the beauty and value of your property. They provide shade for our homes, oxygen for our air and are great for enhancing the beauty of a landscape. In order for a tree to properly perform all of these functions however, we have to make sure that we plant the right tree in the right place. Often times a poorly located tree can cause major problems down the road for the property owner. This is where Sal’s Landscape & Tree Service will assist you with your tree planting needs.

Not only is selecting the right tree critical for its effectiveness, but planting it properly is also key to a healthy and long lived tree. There are MANY errors made in the tree planting process by inexperienced and hurried landscapers, and most of the time, these errors are irreversible.

Having Sal’s Landscape and Tree Service will ensure that the planting hole is dug to the proper depth and width, the tree is watered correctly and that the owner is informed of the duties necessary to foster vibrant growth in the early stages of the tree’s life.

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