A retaining wall is a beautiful and functional landscape piece that can be added to nearly any yard. They can be made of a few different materials, be placed in straight or curved shapes and provide a variety of functions. Here’s a look at some of the benefits your home and yard will gain from a new retaining wall.

Prevent Flooding

Soil erosion from rain and general use can cause flooding, but a retaining wall can prevent most kinds of erosion. A professional inspection of your property and the surrounding area can tell what kind of retaining wall is best for you.

Less Maintenance

If you live in a neighborhood with lots of slopes and hills, shifting soil can create maintenance problems. Multiple retaining walls is a good solution to this problem by keeping the soil in place.

Visual Interest in your Lawn

Even if you live in an area where soil erosion or flooding is rare, a retaining wall is a beautiful way to break up an ordinary lawn. By separating your lawn into two or more tiers, you can create interesting flow with a variety of trees, plants and flowers.

Before finalizing your landscape model, look at retaining walls and what they can do for you. To find out more about retaining walls, call Sal’s Landscape & Tree Service at 817-903-2500.