Caring for a Crabapple Tree Without Getting Crabby

Landscape design is an important part of your home’s look and overall value, but you may not know how to maintain your lawn, shrubs, flowers and trees. Fortunately, understanding what your plants need to stay healthy and appealing will help protect your landscaping investment. If you are one of the many homeowners who have one […]

Sal’s Landscape & Tree Service Sprinkler Service

Sal’s Landscape, Tree & Sprinkler Service has more than 11 years of experience installing and repairing sprinkler systems for all businesses types & homeowners throughout the Greater DFW and surrounding areas. Our company is fully insured for your protection. Sprinkler Installation Service We will design a custom sprinkler system that is tailored to meet all […]

What Aeration Does For Your Yard

As your grass grows and your lawn is used, thatch builds up on the topsoil. This prevents water, air and nutrients from reaching your grass roots. Coring—or aerating—is the act of perforating soil with holes to relieve compaction. This leads to healthier, stronger, more durable grass. Moisture Thatch repels water and makes it hard for […]

Three Things to Know About French Drains

Those who live in rainy environments are burdened with finding innovative ways to keep water from pooling in an inconvenient location. One of the most effective ways of mastering this task is through the use of a French drain. Keep Water Out of your Basement Sometimes having a gutter isn’t enough. Rainwater can settle into […]