Those who live in rainy environments are burdened with finding innovative ways to keep water from pooling in an inconvenient location. One of the most effective ways of mastering this task is through the use of a French drain.

Keep Water Out of your Basement

Sometimes having a gutter isn’t enough. Rainwater can settle into the soil and when the soil is saturated water can find its way into the subterranean levels of your living quarters. A French drain will direct that water to a lower location away from your home.

French Drains are Extremely Functional

French drains channel water away from the house by sending water downhill. Part of the ground is excavated to make way for a pipe designed to carry the water downhill. The pipe is covered with gravel and the final result is that gravity does most of the work.

Always do your Research Before you Dig

Not only are French drains extremely effective, but they are relatively manageable projects. That said, it is always best to consult experts when considering this sort of undertaking. Be sure that you’re not digging anywhere that could cause damage to your home or neighborhood. To see the benefits of a French drain for your yard, call Sal’s Landscape & Tree Service at 817-903-2500.