As your grass grows and your lawn is used, thatch builds up on the topsoil. This prevents water, air and nutrients from reaching your grass roots. Coring—or aerating—is the act of perforating soil with holes to relieve compaction. This leads to healthier, stronger, more durable grass.


Thatch repels water and makes it hard for water to seep into the soil. By removing small plugs, or “cores,” from the ground, it allows water to leach deeper into the soil so the roots can drink it.


Water carries nutrients, if water can’t permeate into the soul and roots, neither will key nutrients for your grass. Compacted thatch makes it hard for even air to reach below the surface, so aeration is key to better fertilizer uptake.


The key to healthy grass is strong roots. If the roots aren’t healthy, then your grass will suffer. Aeration gives your grass longer, stronger roots, which grows stronger stalks. Aeration will also make your grass more heat and drought tolerant.

Aeration is an important task in grass care. It doesn’t need to be done often, but aerating your lawn during the growing season will help your grass grow stronger. If you think your lawn needs aerate, talk to the experts at Sal’s Landscape & Tree Service. We are dedicated to making your Dallas-Fort Worth lawn the healthiest it can be. Call us to schedule a service! 817-903-2500